What does the monthly fixed fee include?

The water rate billing structure includes a fixed monthly water service base fee and a residential usage charge. This base fee covers the cost of the water and sewer utility’s fixed and operating costs before any service is provided. The residential usage charge is based on tiered rates and are variable based upon use. Rates and Fees are established annually by the Community Authority Board (CAB) Board. 

The CAB rates are generally higher than many of the neighboring utilities and does not include a mill levy component that many neighboring utilities use to fund capital projects. However, many of these neighboring providers are older, established enterprises who rely on nonrenewable water supplies. The CAB rates are based on developing a renewable water system from inception. It is likely water rates for neighboring utilities will continue to rise at a faster rate than those of the CAB due to the costs of obtaining and developing renewable water supplies.

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1. What does the monthly fixed fee include?
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