What information should I be ready to share?

Please be prepared to provide your STEWARD login credentials and your Wi-Fi network name and password to the technician. If you have changed the default login to your CenturyLink ONT/modem’s admin portal, please be prepared to provide that information as well. If you would prefer not to share this information, please be prepared to input your credentials for the technician at the necessary times.

If you do not know your STEWARD login credentials, visit the Lumiere website.

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1. Are these equipment upgrades required?
2. Who will be performing the work?
3. How long will the equipment upgrades take?
4. Will I be able to use internet while the upgrade is taking place?
5. What can I do to prepare?
6. What information should I be ready to share?
7. Why are you removing the virtual private network (VPN) hardware?