How can I monitor my water usage each month?


Simply log into UtilityHawk by pointing your browser to: .  Once on the site, select the Registration button and follow the instructions to register.

UtilityHawk offers several benefits to Sterling Ranch CAB customers including:

  • Set monthly threshold values in dollars for water and irrigation usage.
  • Set Daily/Weekly/Monthly usage thresholds and get notified if you are trending to exceed.
  • Provides timely alerts when problems are detected.
  • You can specify how you want to be contacted ‐ text, e‐mail, or phone.
  • Easy‐to‐understand and use, you can access the HELP menu for specific instructions.
  • Electric and Gas consumption will be loaded soon, for the immediate future please continue to use the Steward App.
  • Provides a “single sign on” to the payment portal with the touch of a button so you do not need to re‐enter credentials.

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