Am I limited to the landscape contractors on the Pre-Approved Landscaper List?

No, you may work with a landscaper of your choice, but that professional landscaper will need to meet with our Architectural and Community Standards Director to become certified and approved. The approval process includes education on Sterling Ranch Water Demand Management Initiatives and the Design Review process. Please note, inclusion on this list does not constitute the CAB’s endorsement of any of these companies. This list is only intended to identify the individuals that have attended the CAB’s required informational sessions regarding the Sterling Ranch Water Demand Management Initiatives. The CAB does not independently investigate the professional qualifications or reputations of the companies on this list. It is recommended that you perform a due diligence investigation as you would with any other company you are hiring to provide services for your home.

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13. Am I limited to the landscape contractors on the Pre-Approved Landscaper List?