Chase Drain Information

Chase Drains are a drain that is designed to collect runoff or flows originating on a private lot and facilitate transmission across County or CAB infrastructure to a gutter or storm sewer that is recessed into a sidewalk, street, alley, motor court, or shared driveway and consists of an inlet, a metal conveyance channel, a cover, and an outlet into the gutter.


Douglas County has established its own policies, procedures, and guidelines under which Chase Drains may be installed in, over, or through county-owned and maintained public infrastructure to facilitate the transmission of private flows from lots to the gutter and storm drainage system.


The CAB Board has established a procedure for homeowners in the community to install approved Chase Drains in CAB-owned and maintained public infrastructure in limited circumstances and where deemed necessary, and installation will not disrupt approved drainage and flow patterns.


The procedures set out in this Resolution ensure that work is completed in an orderly fashion, meets engineering standards to ensure public improvements are not damaged or diminished and does not make the general public unreasonably responsible for the costs of private water flow management.


Residents whose driveways face a public road are able to contact Douglas County to discuss the installation of a chase drainage system (include contact info).   Residents whose driveways face a motor court, alley, or shared drive should complete the Inspection Request Form below:

Chase Drain Inspection Request Form

  1. Please describe where the drainage issue is located on your property. Include details on what you're experiencing during different seasons and the potential location of a chase drain.

  2. Please include pictures of your drainage and where you believe a chase drain could be installed.

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A member of the CAB team will be in contact within two (2) business days to schedule an inspection.


If CAB Construction and Engineering approves the installation of a Chase Drain, CAB shall contract for the installation and manage all elements of the design, permitting, and installation.  At the time of installation, the requesting homeowner shall grant a temporary construction easement to CAB and to CAB’s contractor to access that portion of the homeowner’s property necessary for the installation of the Chase Drain.  CAB shall at all times be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Chase Drain.   If CAB should later repair or replace the CAB Improvement crossed by the Chase Drain, CAB shall cause the Chase Drain to be reinstalled at CAB’s cost.


Chase Drains manage flows that originate on a private lot.  Accordingly, the initial cost of installation shall be borne by the homeowner requesting such an installation.  While the individual cost may vary depending on the unique site conditions, the Board has determined that a flat fee in an initial amount of Three Thousand Five-Hundred Dollars ($3,500) shall be charged to the homeowner and shall be received by CAB prior to work on the Chase Drain beginning.     This fee is reasonably calculated to offset the cost of having the work performed and overseen by CAB and shall be a fee.  This fee may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the CAB Board.


Please see the full text of the resolution for all details.