2022 Metro District Election Information


As a community, we are blessed to have individuals who are willing to serve in key leadership roles by running for election. For many, it is difficult to extend knowledge, talents, and time knowing that they might not be elected. Please help me to thank everyone who extended themselves to serve Sterling Ranch by running for election. We are grateful to have candidates who are willing to lead the community. Thank you!

The Sterling Ranch Metropolitan District No. 2 and No. 3 Unofficial Election Results are available. Official results will be available two weeks after the election has been certified by the Canvass Board on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 3:30 pm.

The unofficial electees are:

Metropolitan District No. 2:

Samuel G. Johnson: 3-year

Alexander Taylor: 3-year

Metropolitan District No. 3:

Adam Wales: 3-year

Lynn Moffett: 3-year

Cal M. Reynolds: 1-year

Richard Otton: 1-year

We are also extremely grateful for those who voted and elected these community leaders. Thank you for your care in voting in the election.

In addition to the election, the CAB Board of Directors appointed committee members at their April meeting. Please help us to congratulate the 2022-2023 committee members.

Community Standards Committee:

Christopher Binkley

Dan Block

Gina Brady

Joey Halligan

Dwayne Maragoni

Janet Kaberle

Resident Advisory Committee:

Tyson Hellmich

Tamara Burt

Steve Sherman

Madison Ecrement

Terri Mora

Design Advisory Committee

Raquia Denson

Jonathan Fowler

Robert Gladu

Kim Van Horn

Edyta Zawisza

Jake Anderson

We are looking forward to learning and growing together with the new leadership. Thank you again to everyone who voted and expressed interest in a leadership role. Congratulations to those who will be serving this year!!!