Construction Updates

Waterton Road Connection from Moore to Rampart Range Road

In conjunction with Douglas County, the CAB has made significant progress on the connection of Waterton Road between Moore and Rampart Range Roads. In January, the bridge girders were placed, and the bridge deck was poured in February. The Waterton Road Connection is slated to open to vehicular traffic in Fall 2022. Click below to see a timelapse of the bridge girders being installed.

Bridge Girders Installation


Great News – Today, October 14, 2022, a milestone was met in Sterling Ranch with the opening of Waterton Road from Prospect Village on the west to Moore Road on the east side of Sterling Ranch. This project is a great example of partnership with CAB, Sterling Ranch Development Company, and Douglas County. Waterton Road now affords a new east-west route for our residents to enter and leave Sterling Ranch.

Warranty Work

There is currently no warranty work being completed.