Report Airplane Noise

Sterling Ranch and Douglas County are home to wide-open spaces. Many airplanes fly over the Sterling Ranch community and throughout Douglas County coming from the Centennial Airport. This flight pattern can sometimes cause unwanted or excessive noise. If you are concerned about airplane noise, please make sure your complaint follows the criteria below. 

For a Noise Complaint to be Considered Valid

  • All noise complaints must be reported within one week of their occurrence
  • Entering a name, phone number or email address is optional and only used for return contact if requested
  • Any complaints made from a 3rd party medium such as a button, app or outside website will not be valid and will be discarded.
  • Only complaints submitted via the Centennial Airport website or phone line will be accepted.
  • Complaints must contain a residential address, time, and date at a minimum to be accepted.
  • If a response to a complaint is desired, this must be included in the complaint filed.
  • Complaints pertaining to aircraft that did not operate to or from Centennial Airport will not be recorded.
  • Any complaints containing profanity or any threats to life, limb, person, or property will not be accepted and will be discarded.

Submit a Noise Complaint

All noise complaints can be submitted directly to the Centennial Airport for further follow-up and resolution.

Report a Noise Complaint