Water Billing & Payment Options


Pay by Check or Money Order - Send a check to the billing mailing address. All checks must be made payable to "American Conservation and Billing Solutions", P.O. Box 51280,  Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Please remember to write your account number on your check.

Payment Options:

Please register your account through Utility Hawk (https://srcab.utilityhawk.us) or through the AmCoBi website:

  1. Point your Web browser to: http://www.amcobi.com/pay-online
  2.  Select the “Pay Online” link on the home page.
  3.  Follow the instructions.

Your online account allows you to choose the best payment options for you, check your account balance and activity, and elect to receive your water bill electronically (eBill).

AmCoBi's ePay service allows you to pay your bill online with an automatic withdrawal from your checking/savings account (ACH) free of charge. You can also use a debit or credit card with a processing fee of 2.95%, charged by Paymentus, the payment processing provider.

Other Payment Options:

  • Bank Bill Pay - please make sure to update your bank bill pay with you new AMCoBi account number and remittance address to ensure proper delivery.
  • Pay by Phone at 1-833-SRCAB-40 or (833) 772-2240
  • Pay by Email or Text by replying to the received message from Payment Portal.

Instant Payment Options:

Instant pay allows you to make a payment that AmCoBi will receive instantly. 



American Express




Amazon Pay

Walmart Bill Pay


For questions about your account and general assistance, please contact the Client Care Team at AmCoBi.

The AmCoBi, Colorado-based, Client Care Team will answer questions or assist with any issues that arise.  They are available Monday ‐ Friday, from 8:00 am ‐ 5:00 pm MST. Contact them by phone or e‐mail:

Toll‐free: 1‐833‐SRCAB‐40 or (833) 772‐2240

E‐mail: ClientCare@AmCoBi.com