Sterling Ranch partners with various program providers to offer a variety of ongoing programs of all types! Check out the current program offerings listed below. 

If you are a program provider or have a program you would like to see offered, please contact the Lifestyle Director. 

POYDS Dance Company

At POYDS Dance Company, we strive to create an inclusive environment where anyone can take any level of classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, country line & swing dance, musical theater, or basic ballroom! Our vision is to make you a dancer regardless of your dance background, skill level, or age! We value not only making you a sound technical dancer but a well-rounded individual as well!

Stretch & Strength - Adult Full Body Workout

Strength & Stretch Fitness Class is a combination of dance, yoga, pilates, and ballet barre all massed into one amazing full-body workout! Each week individuals will focus on bodyweight strength and ballet barre exercises infused with yoga stretching and pilate exercises to give you the ultimate muscle building and stretching combo! Workouts will focus on legs, chest, arms, glutes, and especially core to teach attendees the importance of stretching properly while strengthening muscles and joints to increase mobility and stability to live a long, happy, and healthy life. The perfect fitness balance!

Class Details: 

Classes offered Monday and Thursdays evenings

  • Monday's, 7:00pm - 7:45pm
  • Thursday's, 7:00pm - 7:45pm

Classes available for ages 19 yrs+ - 50yrs+

*Limited Spots Available 10 per Class; 15 Max.

Attire & Shoes:

  • Form-fitting clothing including leggings, tank tops, athletic wear & shirts, form-fitting sweats
  • No oversized t-shirts, mid-rift shirts, bralettes
  • Shoes: Barefoot preferred; socks are okay too.

Class Pricing:

  • Drop-In Class: $15 per person
  • One Class Per Week During 6 Week Program (6 classes): $85 per person
  • Two Classes per Week During 6 Week Program (12 Classes): $155 per person ($170 value)
  • Two Program Bundle (4 classes per week-“Work It & Stretch & Strength - 24 total): $229 per month ($280 value)

6 Week Programming Scheduling:

Classes beginning July 12th:

Ballroom Dancing - Latin Fusion

Join us for a four-week Latin Fusion Ballroom. Recieve basic ballroom training in the styles of salsa, cha-cha, and samba from professional traveling choreographer, Kayleigh Schadwindel-Hickman. 

  • Cost: $175 per participant includes enrollment fee
  • Group Rate: $315 for two (2) enrolled participants  
  • No partners are needed for the class - however, couples are welcome to sign up together! We encourage dancers to sign up for the full 4-week series; no trial class will be offered for this ballroom series. 
  • Attire - Form Fitting Athletic Wear and Tennis Shoes with minimal traction on the sole.

4 Week Programming Scheduling:

Classes begin July 19th: