Water & Sewer

Sterling Ranch water is provided by Dominion Water and Sanitation District, a wholesale water district serving Northwest Douglas County. Dominion has contracts for permanent water delivery from Aurora Water, from the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) project, and from Castle Rock to meet water demands. Today, our water from contracts with the City of Aurora is delivered directly to the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant, a facility jointly funded by Dominion and Roxborough Water and Sanitation District.

Sterling Ranch: A Water-Wise Community

The Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board (CAB) is committed to providing our residents with the highest quality tap water and reliable services. Sterling Ranch is part of a new approach to creating a regionally integrated, comprehensive water system with a robust, reliable, and renewable water supply. Dominion Water and Sanitation District and Sterling Ranch CAB have constructed a state-of-the-art water system, including a joint treatment facility with Roxborough Water and Sanitation District, the Larry D. Moore Water Treatment Plant. It is the first treatment plant in Colorado to receive 100% of its initial disinfection credits from Ultra Violet (UV) light and provides Sterling Ranch with clean, healthy water.EPA WaterSense Partner

Dominion Water and Sanitation District have been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for being a WaterSense Partner by practicing and promoting water efficiency.

Annual Water Quality Report

Read the Annual Water Quality Report published by the CAB each year. 

2021 Consumer Confidence Report

Water & Sewer Billing

After closing on their homes, Sterling Ranch residents are automatically set up for water and sewer services. Residents receive their water and sewer bills in the mail monthly and are billed in arrears. American Conservation and Billing Solutions (AmCoBi) administer the monthly water bill.


AmCoBi's Client Care Services Team is available to assist you with questions or concerns regarding your water bill. Please contact them at:: 

Toll‐free: 1‐833‐SRCAB‐40 or (833) 772‐2240

E‐mail: ClientCare@AmCoBi.com

Report a Water Concern

If you have a concern regarding the water in your home, please completed the Water Concern Form.