Community Authority Board

The Community Authority Board (CAB) shall be governed and directed by a Board of Directors, according to the following:

  • District Number 1 appoints (5) five District Number 1 Members and District Number 2, District Number 3, District Number 4, District Number 5, District Number 6, and District Number 7 each appoint (1) one member from their respective Districts to the CAB Board. Each District may appoint alternates who if appointed, shall serve as a duly authorized representative in the event the appointed Member does not attend a meeting or is no longer qualified to serve.
  • In the event of a vacancy on the CAB Board, whether by the expiration of a term, resignation, by virtue of the fact that the Member is no longer qualified to serve on the applicable Districts' Board of Directors, or for any other reason, the applicable District shall appoint a successor Board member within 14 days of such vacancy.
  • Each Board member term shall be for a period of four years. Board members appointed to District Number 1 shall have staggered 4-year terms. There shall be no limit on the number of terms a Member may serve.



 When:  3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm

Where:  The Overlook - 7853 Piney River Ave, Littleton, CO 80125


Special meetings to be held on an as needed basis and may be at locations other than The Overlook.


Meetings are generally held in person.  If a remote connection is available, it will be provided on the meeting specific notice posted on the CAB website.

*If the Overlook is not available an alternate location will be provided on the agenda 

Board Members